Buying guide

/ Quick Shopping Retail /

1. Add selected products to cart using the "add to cart button"
2. From the drop-down list, select the country of delivery
3. The data complement payer - you must enter valid email address! You can select the check register to create a customer profile.
4. After reading this, check the I accept the privacy policy and rewrite the code from the image below
5. Click the "go to confirm"
6. Verify the information in the order summary page order
7. Click the "ORDER"
8. Print or save the order confirmation.
9. Given in the "Data payer" will receive a confirmation email with a link confirming the order.
10. After verification you will receive an e-mail order to enable the payment.
11. After posting begin to realize zmamówienia.

/ Wholesale /

1. Sign up for store by clicking the top menu "My Account"
2. After receiving the email, click the confirmation link.
3. Complement payer data by checking the box "COMPANY"
4. Send mail to request for status wholesaler.
5. After verification of customer service will inform you of the status of the wholesaler
6. From this point you have access to wholesale prices.
7. Payment for wholesale orders is via prepaid invoice.